Sunday, December 30, 2018

Quiet Christmas Here in the Country

   Good Evening. I've been enjoying a good Advent and Christmas season here on the farm. I had some family here Christmas Eve, and they stayed until the afternoon of Christmas Day. Christmas Eve was quite the same as has been the tradition for most of my life. I ushered in church at the candlelight service, then we all had a later dinner and opened some gifts, as well as playing rummykub and a dice game for dollar gag gifts later. Christmas Day we had homemade cinnamon rolls and julekage (Norwegian Christmas cardamom bread) with our usual rolled oats with dried cranberries for breakfast. I made a non-traditional dinner, lasagna and salad, because none of my family except me and my sister enjoy Norwegian lutefisk anymore. They don't even eat pickled herring! For shame! It all worked out, but I miss the old days of lutefisk, lefse, and the whole Norwegian atmosphere when my parents and grandparents were all living. 

   Here are a few pictures of Christmas at home.

This was my third attempt at making lefse. It turned out good. I think what made the difference was my change from whole milk to heavy cream. It turned out a little more tender and softer to the taste.

A good amount of snow fell this past week, not quite on time for Christmas, but still it's good to have a little snow cover for those of us who worry about sewer lines and drainfields freezing up.

Yesterday was COLD.

But it warmed quite a bit today. New Year's Eve should prove to be very cold though. This is a good time to catch up on reading and some tv. For me that would be old-time favorites on ME-TV.

An important time for me to give some special attention to animals who depend on me and remembering those who have left.

My Christmas lasts until Epiphany, so I'll be moving slow through the holiday. I hope you all enjoy a Blessed and Happy Christmas!