Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Spring Greetings

Hello. Well, it's been a long time. I haven't posted in over 4 months, not for any particular reason, but maybe a feeling of just wanting to get out of the long winter and not having a lot of news. Although winter is my favorite season, it does seem long after February. I'm keeping this kind of short, mostly because I have quite a few different things going on without a lot of results to show for my work yet. The pandemic shutdown has not really had an impact at all on my life, because I live alone and have pretty much had this life since retiring in 2014, 5 years now. I don't mind the isolation, I live about 5 miles from the closest town, do my walk every day of about 3 miles, work at various projects, and keep busy with the house and now anticipating the garden and flower beds and all the maintenance to keep things nice.

The forsythia is really pretty this year. I took some inside today, as it is starting to form leaves, so the blooming will be over this week. I'm going to try rooting some from cuttings.

I like the exotic appearance of the horse chestnut in Spring

These daffodils just bloomed after two years.

There have been some really good sunsets this past week and the hour after the sunset often provides a lot of drama.

Like the horse chestnut, the maples really are interesting before the leaves come out completely. These red maple flowers are beautiful in my opinion.

I have always had a little trouble starting seeds in the house. They seem to dampen off for me, which is discouraging. Maybe it is just too early and I should sow directly in the garden. It would just be nice to get a head start. Here are the beginnings today for zinnias and pumpkins. It seems the season for growing pumpkins is a little short here.

Josey is resting now after folding some fresh Spring-cleaned blankets. 

Wishing you a good week.

"Spring is the time of plans and projects." -Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina