Sunday, December 22, 2019

From My House to Yours, A Very Merry Christmas

Here in west-central Minnesota, I'm planning on a quiet Christmas so far. Today I woke up to this beautiful sunrise, with a pink sky and snow. This was about 7:45.

I haven't baked much so far, but will be making more lefse tomorrow. Last week I had the first lutefisk of the season with lefse. I had only made a dozen, but it was good. I used Yukon gold potatoes this time for the dough. I'll be having lutefisk and lefse again on Christmas Eve, a Norwegian family tradition.

I've had quite a few birds at the feeders this winter. Here are a cardinal--a first for me-- and a pileated woodpecker.

Here is a December scene on the east side of the house.

Different birds seem to visit on different days, depending on the temperature, wind and who is already at the feeder. A bluejay and several pheasant hens appeared together one day.

After trimming all the nightshade and Virginia creeper vines from under the spruce trees this Fall, I saved some and made this crooked, rustic wreath for the back door. I just wound the vines up and tied them and used various pinecones. I have stopped buying all commercial type decorations, and have given away a lot, and am trying to have a more meaningful and minimal Christmas, but still have the place somewhat festive. 

I like the old nativity scene in the corner by the Christmas tree. I received this as a Christmas gift from my mom and dad. The candle behind it was mom's funeral candle. On it is inscribed the verse from Ecclesiastes made famous by the Byrds years ago, and I always liked the verse and the song. "To everything there is a season..."

Tonight I made some cherry and walnut fudge. It set up well. I like this version that always turns out well and is very firm.

Byron or "Baby Boy," as I call him, is sitting in his favorite place under the tree and wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

So do I. Peace be with you.