Friday, September 6, 2019

The time has gone too fast...

I'm just doing a short post tonight, with some of my favorite photos. I hope it's better than nothing. Summer has passed us by so quickly, it seems it goes faster every year. It seems that when we are planning in March, by the time we reach May and June, we are so far behind. That's the way I feel, always way behind. A symptom of trying to do too much, and maybe not enjoying the little accomplishments? How does one cure this problem of over-planning and under-appreciating? Can anyone shed some light on how they handle it? I sure would appreciate any input.

One of the things I DID appreciate this summer was enjoying some of my flowers and the garden. This very old unnamed day lily has been in my family for years and it never disappoints me. Such a delicious color combination; it reminds me of a nectarine.

Another favorite is the "Northfield" day lily that I found a couple years ago. It resembles a lot of yellow ones I have from my parents and grandparents but blooms much more abundantly Here is "Northfield":

My folks brought a lot of all kinds of flowers to this farm where I live. This one is also unnamed. They weren't concerned with names. They were happy to have whatever they could. When my grandmother died and my parents bought this place, it was pretty desolate. My mom brought flowers from our old house near Brainerd, MN and planted them here west of Eagle Bend, MN. 

While my dad was remodeling the old farmhouse, she kept working, and on her days off would bring a carload of flowers and trees, would plant them and then return to Brainerd to work. This place was transformed from a dry, windy, desolate dirt-farm to a beautiful, shady paradise. They planted hundreds of spruce and pine seedlings, anything they could get their hands on, even including lowly boxelders and green ash and it all paid off in my mind at least. It became a welcoming place and they made it a home. After them, I've done the same. I bought the place from my parents, and I now know after having lived in Florida for 17 years, until 1998, that this place is home, good and bad. 

I have some good places to sit and rest and think here on the farm. I like this place under a locust tree. The two buildings in the background are the old dairy barn built in 1958 and the little barn that was the backbone of  my grandparents farm until the bigger barn was built. It is from the 1930's.

The planters on each side of the bench are old tanks from hand-cranked cream separators. I remember, as a kid, I would spend summers up here with gram and gramp, and was so proud when I overheard gramp say, "that Philip, he sure can work, he separated all the cream himself, and he keeps going." For a really shy, book-wormish kind of kid, it is one of those things I remember and treasure as more important than just about anything. I hope all of you have a similar memory, and if you have grandchildren, you will think of what you say about them.
Here is another place to sit, especially in the morning with a cuppa. I finally have made progress painting the deck. I would have a few choice words for the guy who invented wooden decks in Minnesota. They are nothing but endless maintenance, and I'm looking forward to just having a concrete patio someday, but that will have to wait.

Here is a quiet place for a cup of coffee by the cedars.

I've had a "pretty good" garden this year, but the cool weather has not made for a super abundant harvest. I'm not going to even try to dig up the Yukon Gold potatoes until next week. Normally, since they are an early variety, I would have had them all dug up on Aug 24th, my birthday. That was always the milestone, but not this year, as it has been all cool days and even cooler nights. Well, no use complaining, right? Here is Byron looking over some peppers and zucchini brought in a few days ago. He only thinks of the happy side of the haul, not the work, and we should be more like him.

I've had a lot of tomatoes, but have been picking them green, because the deer have taken an interest in them.

I can't even feel angry at the deer, because I know how much fun they were having stopping by to nibble on their treats. Anyway, I have enough for myself and for what I'm going to preserve for the winter. A few tomatoes go a long way.

These photos remind me of the painting by English artist Sir Edwin Landseer, "The Monarch of the Glen."

It is soon time for coffee. I hope if you are ever in Eagle Bend you will call me. I'm in the book. I did have time to make a good apricot cheesecake recently, but i'm still trying to improve baking skills. 

I hope you have a good night. I'll leave it especially to Josey this time to wish you a happy transition from Summer to Fall.  Annie and Byron were sleeping, so they will appear in later posts.

Peace be with you all. Phil


  1. And with you Phil. So good to hear from you! I love seeing your place. We still seem to be in the thick of summer with our daily lower 90s, so if you'd like I'll send you some!

    1. I suppose you will still feeling the heat for awhile yet. I'm thankful it has cooled down here. It makes it easier to work outside. Hope you enjoy the weekend. Phil

  2. So nice to see a post from you Phil! Lovely flowers and wonderful places to sit and enjoy it all. Love your kitties and the cheesecake looks yummy.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. I hope the stormy weather has not struck there. Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh Phil, what a nice post. I love your farm and you have such good memories of your parents and grandparents there. I feel the same as you when it comes to planning and doing and keeping so busy that I forget to stop and admire the results of my hard work. I'm bad about working on a project and at the same time thinking about what I want to do next. I don't know what the cure is. :)

    1. Henny Penny, you do accomplish so much, whatever project you are working on. It's an inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Maravilha de imagens.
    Bom final de semana.

  5. Phil; I share your frustration that time goes by and we don't have the 'to do' list under control. You've mentioned something that I've been pondering--the fact that the mundane daily/weekly chores of housekeeping, gardening, home maintenance, take time and energy, but don't stand out as 'accomplishments.' When I can see a piece of furniture I've refinished, or curtains created and hung at the windows--or even a tidier spot in the garden I feel I've really done something!
    That said, I know that I waste time--'getting ready to commence' as my Grampa Mac would say--then when I've finally launched into the project I don't want to stop.
    How lovely that your parents brought flowers and trees from the former home to add to what your grandparents had nurtured.
    I enjoyed the tour of your plantings and the sitting places. I'm glad that you have cats who are anxious to be involved and 'helping.'

    1. Thanks for visiting. I know exactly what you are saying about the scale of the work we do and what we think of as an accomplishment. Really, every step forward is an accomplishment.

  6. Your yard looks lovely, probably just as your Mom envisioned it when she brought home all those trees! Maintaining older buildings takes time and we only have a small window to do stuff here in Minnesota. I still have some projects in the works and hope to get them all done before the leaves need attention and it snows! One thing at a time you are only one person!
    I enjoyed seeing your day lilies they are such nice plants!
    Cheesecake...sounds good! The weather has been so cool at night that anything baked warms up the kitchen a bit! :) I will have to turn on the furnace soon:)

  7. I was kind of surprised when I heard the furnace go on this morning at sunrise. I guess that tells us "summer is over." Hope all is going well for you both!

  8. Lovely to read your catch-up post. You've been keeping busy and your tidy yard shows it. I love all the different spots you have for sitting and enjoy the results of your work.
    Also wanted to comment on that great looking cheesecake. I can imagine how good it was!!

  9. Hi Phil, good to meet you. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it brought me here. Your blog is delightful, I'm a Midwestern gal from birth and although I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years there is always a place on my heart for the Midwest. I enjoy reading blogs from back home, it takes me back to my childhood.

    1. Thank you for commenting and especially for your prayers, they are very much appreciated. I just came from your blog and now I am a follower. It will be nice seeing your farm change with the beautiful Midwestern seasons.

    2. Thanks for following me and your encouraging comments! I hope everything goes well for you both. Phil

  10. How wonderful and such a delight, your post is! To answer your question about over planning........just take your time and do your best. Keep the joy in what you do! I love reading your memory of your parents and grandparents and you are right.....encouraging words spoken stay in our hearts forever! Your flowers are so pretty! While you have struggled with too much cool weather with your in Texas....the overbearing heat has burnt just about everything up. It is so good that you mom brought home trees and that you now have wonderful shade for your farm! Deer are beautiful to matter how destructive.You have a good gathering to watch! Cats are such good companions aren't they?

    1. I've heard the heat and dry weather was severe there in TX. Maybe soon you will experience a little cooler weather. Yes, I'm glad the wildlife and pets make life a lot richer. Thanks for visiting! Phil

    2. I've heard the heat and dry weather was severe there in TX. Maybe soon you will experience a little cooler weather. Yes, I'm glad the wildlife and pets make life a lot richer. Thanks for visiting! Phil

  11. What a beautiful post, Phil. (And how did I overlook it until now?) My dear husband has been telling me that no matter how much we have to accomplish, want to accomplish or don't manage to accomplish, it's important to focus on the journey rather than the end goal. The end goal is in the future, and all we have is the here and now so it's vitally important we find joy and contentment in the journey we're on each and every day. He's better at accomplishing that than I. (Impatient? What, me? What gives you that idea?!)

    I know you don't post too often, but even if you just put up your gorgeous pictures with a few words, that would be enough. Love the look you give us around your lovely home and grounds.

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