Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Spring Greetings

Hello. Well, it's been a long time. I haven't posted in over 4 months, not for any particular reason, but maybe a feeling of just wanting to get out of the long winter and not having a lot of news. Although winter is my favorite season, it does seem long after February. I'm keeping this kind of short, mostly because I have quite a few different things going on without a lot of results to show for my work yet. The pandemic shutdown has not really had an impact at all on my life, because I live alone and have pretty much had this life since retiring in 2014, 5 years now. I don't mind the isolation, I live about 5 miles from the closest town, do my walk every day of about 3 miles, work at various projects, and keep busy with the house and now anticipating the garden and flower beds and all the maintenance to keep things nice.

The forsythia is really pretty this year. I took some inside today, as it is starting to form leaves, so the blooming will be over this week. I'm going to try rooting some from cuttings.

I like the exotic appearance of the horse chestnut in Spring

These daffodils just bloomed after two years.

There have been some really good sunsets this past week and the hour after the sunset often provides a lot of drama.

Like the horse chestnut, the maples really are interesting before the leaves come out completely. These red maple flowers are beautiful in my opinion.

I have always had a little trouble starting seeds in the house. They seem to dampen off for me, which is discouraging. Maybe it is just too early and I should sow directly in the garden. It would just be nice to get a head start. Here are the beginnings today for zinnias and pumpkins. It seems the season for growing pumpkins is a little short here.

Josey is resting now after folding some fresh Spring-cleaned blankets. 

Wishing you a good week.

"Spring is the time of plans and projects." -Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


  1. Hello Phil, It's so good to see you posting again after a long break. I think many of us find that life hasn't changed quite as much for us as for those still out working every day.
    I hope your forsythia experiment works. It's finished blooming here but was extra full of blooms this year.
    You got some great just-after-sunset pictures and Josey looks very comfortable on her stack of blankets.

    1. Thanks for stopping. It looks like Spring is in full force where you live. Very nice there! Phil

  2. Good to see a post from you! I love Forsythia, I had one in the yard it only bloomed one year out of about 15 and then the voles ate the roots:( Good luck with yours! Stay safe!

    1. Those voles and gophers and all the critters we have can be quite the menace. Sometimes I think I should scale back on this foolish attempt to have so much foliage and trees. Getting to be a pain. Well, take care and I wish you both good health! Phil

  3. So good to see a new post from you, Phil. Not wanting to be an old nosey-poker (as my grandma used to say), but I would love to hear and see more about your home life on your beautiful property. Even though you don't post about the mundane and day-to-day routines (sometimes uninteresting and downright boring but necessary --- in my life anyway) that I'm sure you have like everyone else, your posts provide a sense of sanity, comfort and interest.

    1. Thanks for your nice assessment of my posts. It is really meaningful, coming from you. I wish I could come close to the beauty and humor, as well as the hard work displayed in yours. An inspiration! Phil

  4. So good to catch up with you, and so glad all is well with you. Take care and stay safe.

  5. Good to see you again! Josey looks quite comfortable and I'm sure was a huge help with the folding. ;-) May your gardens bring you much beauty and bounty. ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you are doing well. I always look forward to the flowers you post! Phil

  6. Good to hear from you Phil! I'm glad the whole pandemic thing hasn't impacted you much. Your photos are lovely. Spring is springing!

    1. Yes, Spring is here. I'm hoping we can avoid much frost. The next week looks cold at night, but that's May in Minnesota. Take care. I enjoy stopping by your blog! Phil

  7. Good to hear from you again. The shutdown hasn't really bothered me that much either since I am such a homebody. I do miss looking in thrift stores. :) I have good pretty good luck rooting Forsythia. It's so pretty.

  8. So glad to see you around!

    Nice post and photos. I love Josey’s photo. If my cats were that talented every night would be sardine night😂

  9. I am delighted to read of your recent projects and hoping you'll report that the forsythia has rooted. I wasn't successful in my attempt to start new plants from cuttings.
    We also live quietly in retirement--we miss attending church, but participate in a 'Zoom' Bible study.
    Like Josey, our cats are good company and willing to 'help' with anything we do, indoors or out.

  10. So good to see you posting! Glad you are doing well and that the virus is not hampering you. We live 30 miles from stocking up has always been our practice for years....and we are busy with our hands and minds. The only problem with the virus for us, is the worry for our scattered loved ones. Joey knows, as all good cats do, that a nice clean stack of laundry makes the perfect resting place! the forsythia, trees and daffodils are so pretty. Your sunset photos are so peaceful and calming looking! I hope your zinnia and pumpkins sprout and grow well. Very wise idea to use the egg cartons! Keep posting, we all love to see and catch up with how things are with you! love you blog!

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